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Crosthwaite Church Keswick


Lots of people are not sure of what they believe. Many are seeking meaning and purpose in life or are just wondering if there is a God or not. They would like to know more about Christian things yet ‘church’ is a mystery to them.

At Crosthwaite we aim to have a church life which is attractive and open to others, we understand that people take time to think things through and explore ideas; even so it is not easy for ‘outsiders’ to make the first move.

From time to time we run welcome groups or seeker courses such as Alpha. These are generally on a mid week evening and are run in a relaxed atmosphere. They give opportunity to hear information, ask questions and listen to or partake in discussions. Details of any of any forthcoming courses or groups will appear on this web site.

If you want to use your computer to know more about what Christians believe click this link to one of the most helpful pages available: http://www.christianity.org.uk/index.php/what-do-christians-believe.php


Having said all of the above we would encourage you to give us a try. There are many access points to our fellowship which is wider than just Sunday gatherings. There are seven Homegroups which meet fortnightly and other groups and social events (i.e. Harvest Supper). We also have an annual series of Lent Talks, a Concert series, Fete and other festival gatherings. Explore this web site to see the range of our life together.

The curious and interested are always welcome to travel with us; there is no compulsion to ‘believe’. You would not be the only person coming to church who is still ‘mulling things over’. You are welcome to join us on Sunday and at other events and ‘taste and see’ what our faith is about or maybe even test us with your questions.

Our main Sunday services are in contemporary language and easy to follow (although we often use traditional language services at Underskiddaw Church Room). The hymns and songs we sing are a mixture of the contemporary and the old and well known. At our services we try to give adequate directions so visitors can follow what is going on and take part.

You will, hopefully, find our sermons and services informative, inspiring and on occasion, provoking.


If you are thinking of returning to church after some years of not attending we hope you will find a warm welcome at Crosthwaite. It is always helpful if you make yourself known to the Vicar or congregation members. Interestingly studies have shown that people do not leave church because they loose their faith but loose faith after ceasing to go to church. Happily the reverse also seems to be true. People start to come to church and find that they can begin to believe.