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Crosthwaite Parish Church, Keswick

Did you know there's an estimated 450 million old “round pounds” in piggy banks, pots, bottles and under sofa cushions, which will not be legal tender after Sunday 15th October?

Obviously that would be far too many for our roof appeal and we couldn't cope with that many, but we wouldn't mind a small percentage of them! If you find any at home, please bring them along to Crosthwaite Church where we will stick them on the roof of our model church and re-slate it. Once banked, all proceeds will go to the Crosthwaite Raise the Roof Appeal.



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Revd Stuart Penny's Retirement

Those of you who are occasional visitors to this site may be puzzled by the absence of Stuart Penny from its pages.   Stuart has now retired after fourteen years as Vicar of Crosthwaite. His last service was on Sunday 28th May and was followed by a splendid lunch which provided an opportunity for members of the Crosthwaite community to say their good-byes and express their gratitude for his service to our church.  He and Monica will shortly be moving back to their home in Shrewsbury.

The church is now officially in a period of interregnum while preparations are made to appoint a new vicar.  This is a lengthy process and it is unlikely that a new incumbent will be in post before the New Year.  

Meanwhile, we are fortunate to have our Curate, Revd Lucie Lunn, who will be available to officiate at services, weddings and funerals until the end of September when her curacy here ends.  The day-to-day running of the parish is in the capable hands of our PCC and churchwardens.  Our thanks must also go to our Rural Dean, Revd Charles Hope, who has taken on the onerous task of compiling service rotas for Crosthwaite through to January, enlisting the help of several local clergy, both active and retired.  Be assured, our usual service schedules for both St Kentigern’s and Underskiddaw will be uninterrupted.

Updates on the appointment process will be posted on this site and in the Parish Magazine.

Rachel, Carol and Helen, one of our three all-age teams, gave us a bonfire party-themed service on Sunday 5th November, which included some of the younger congregation toasting marshmallows on a very realistic fire at the front of church.  In a fast-moving and exciting service the team gave us fireworks, each one a short verse of Scripture telling the story of how God uses the symbolism of fire in the Bible, often to indicate his presence and light our way, and then how Jesus picks up on this in his teaching.  There were hymns and songs all linked to fire, and inspiring thoughts in Rachel’s talk to how preparing for a bonfire party and lighting a fire can compare to keeping our church alive;  inviting others in to be close to the warmth, making them welcome and then feeding them.  There was a strong message that the Holy Spirit, with his tongues of fire, would help us to do all that.

First Sunday in Lent

In greeting the beginning of Lent last Sunday the choir sang the anthem "Litany to the Holy Spirit" as we thought about the experiences of Jesus in the desert and their application to our own lives......

In the hour of my distress,

When temptations me oppress,

And when I my sins confess,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When I lie within my bed,

Sick in heart and sick in head,

And with doubts discomforted,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

When the house doth sigh and weep,

And the world is drowned in sleep,

Yet mine eyes the watch do keep,

Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

Words - Robert Herrick Music - Peter Hurford

‘Peter’ visits Crosthwaite

We had a special visitor to Crosthwaite Church, Keswick last Sunday.....Peter (aka Barry) came to tell us about his direct, first hand experience of the Transfiguration and of seeing the deity of his friend Jesus. He told us that his only ways of telling others had been through conversation or by writing his two letters.....he challenged us, with all our ways of communicating today to "Go tell it on the mountain"......and in the market place, the coffee shop, the office, the school....wherever our frontline may be. Our thanks to Barry Cox, lay preacher, for his message.

The people threw branches and cloaks on the road ahead of them….

Upon a donkey's back, the king of love rode by

there was no turning back

whatever they might cry.

The prophet's dream, the promised king

for whom the sing, comes to redeem.

The people thronged about, threw clothing in his way

"Hosanna Lord~, they shout

and palms before him lay.

How could they know that he had come

God's only Son, to be laid low?

Into Jerusalem to face the power of sin

the child of Bethlehem

for humankind rode in,

knowing that he the cross must face

must take his place for you and me.

A Week of Triumph and Sorrows

JESUS challenged POWER, PROFIT and POSITION - and this to, is a challenge for us in our walk beside Him.

What power do I have?

Where do we position ourselves in Society?

What is our profit motive – financial or spiritual?